Twitter vs. Facebook: Which is the Best Place to Work?


So, you want to come to work for one of the top Silicon Valley area social media giants?

It’s no surprise that we’ve listed Silicon Valley as one of the top cities for millennial relocation—working for a tech company is a logical fit for millennials. Facebook and Twitter both offer multitudes of great employee perks—and they’re not perks that you’ll find anywhere, as you’ll soon find out.


Established and Public Core Values. “Be bold, focus on impact, move fast, be open, build social value.” All are important values to remember for career-oriented millennials, especially those with social media expertise.

Domestic and International Opportunities. Facebook houses offices across the globe—from its headquarters in California, where the majority of positions are available, to across the country to New York, to further south in Texas, to Mexico and Brazil, to as far away as India, where 12 positions are currently available.

Competitive Benefit Package. Of course, the usual medical, vision and dental care benefits are available for North American employees—but “paid leave for new parents,” 21 paid vacation days, life insurance, a wellness allowance and support for families looking to adopt come as additional incentives.

Facebook Clubs. Yes, employees can join clubs or start their own. And Facebook will pay for all club costs, as the formation of a club promotes “helping you find meaningful friendships.”

Access to Facebook Ads. According to’s list of best perks for Facebook employees, each employee is awarded $250 per month to put toward Facebook Ad usage for themselves or their families.

Transportation. For the California crew, Facebook provides transportation from its Menlo Park headquarters to surrounding cities, including San Francisco.


Domestic and International Opportunities. Twitter offers jobs mainly at its San Francisco headquarters, but also across the globe. Positions are available in Miami, Boston and New York—and internationally as far west as London, Milan and Brussels and as far west as Hong Kong.

Healthy Living. According to a Glassdoor review posted on Social News Daily, Twitter offers a full gym and Yoga classes to its employees.

Positive working environment. The same review states that Twitter sponsors Happy Hours on Friday, the culture is “vibrant and full of excitement” and “there is a sense of community [here]that is unlike any other company.”

Location. According to Business Insider’s side-by-side comparison of Facebook and Twitter as workplaces, “Twitter offers something that not even Facebook can match, San Francisco city life.”

I’m not here to tell you which company provides the best workplace—that’s up to you. Which company fits your needs and creativity? Is a big city environment with impressive architecture important to you—or is provided transportation to work essential to your schedule?

Employee perks are not the only deciding factors here—Facebook and Twitter, as you well know, offer different types of features to their users. Do you agree with the Twitter platform of limited characters per Tweet, or do you prefer Facebook’s unlimited post length? Facebook adopted the hashtag from Twitter—do you want to be an environment that focuses more on trending topics than the other does?

No matter your choice, millennials have lived with social media since their high school days—and are terrific candidates for employment with either company.




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