Twitter is Not Just for Fun: A New Job’s Just a Tweet Away!


I love Twitter. I cannot stress this enough. I LOVE Twitter. It’s my favorite Social Media channel, and in my opinion, the most powerful. For those of you who do not know, I do all the Social Media for a nonprofit that helps low-income children become school ready, so I like to think I know a thing or two about the power of Social Media. Twitter is hands down my favorite Social Media channel. (Have I stressed that enough yet? Seriously, go follow me @mnioannou). Twitter is God’s gift to the small business, small nonprofit, the common man, and the unemployed. Solely through Twitter outreach I was able to get my nonprofit a $10,000 grant! That’s right folks, only through Twitter outreach was I able to get this large grant. Now if I can get that for my company, why can’t you use Twitter to find a job?

We all go on Twitter for entertainment, to catch up on news, and more, but have you ever thought to go on Twitter to search for job openings? Almost every company, nonprofit, organization, etc. has a Twitter account. Some of these companies will even have multiple Twitter pages, varying by division, country, state, department, and more. Use all of this to your advantage. Use Twitter to search for jobs. I promise, you can find openings.

Follow Your Favorite Organizations
This may seem like common sense, but I have to stress it anyway. If there’s a company you’re interested in working for, follow them on Twitter. Not only may they post job openings on their page, but by following them you’ll be in the know about what’s going on in the company.

Follow Companies’ HR Twitter Pages
Many companies currently have a separate Twitter account devoted to Human Resources. That’s right, this one page is solely devoted to posting about different openings they currently have in their division. Look for companies that have “careers” or “work” or “HR” in their handles. For instance, if you want to work for ESPN, you should be following @ESPNCareers. If you want to work for NBC, you should be following @workatNBCU. I can go on with companies and their handles, but I’ll save that for another post.

Follow Company’s HR Team on Twitter
A growing number of Human Resource employees are on Twitter recruiting, socializing, and of course stalking. Don’t be afraid to follow these people; you want them to know you exist. Go on a company’s website and find where it lists their HR staff. Search for them on Twitter. Many of them will state in their bio that they’re an HR employee of a certain company. It’s like they’re inviting you to interact with them!

People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo  in Warsaw

Interact With Company’s HR Twitter Pages
Tweet at them. Quote their tweets. ReTweet them. This applies to both the company’s HR page, and the HR employee’s pages. You want to get noticed. Interact with them on Twitter. Join their conversations. Tweet at them with applicable comments, questions, ideas, and so on. Make yourself stand out from everywhere else on their feeds; there’s no better way of doing this than directly reaching out to them.

What’s a tweet without a hashtag? Let’s refrain from using #blessed for right now, and instead focus on hashtags that can get us jobs. Many companies, hiring managers, etc. will add a hashtag to their tweet that refers to the hiring process. You guessed it, these hashtags can range from #hiring to #jobopening to #employment. Be creative and search similar hashtags. You may just end up finding your dream job.


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Michelle is a proud Fordham alum who has currently found herself in the midst of the nonprofit world doing all social media and event planning for The Parent-Child Home Program. When she is not glued to twitter, you can find her on her third iced coffee of the day, arguing about sports, or pretending she's in Greece.

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