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I have never been creative. In fact, I’ve always been envious of people who do have any sort of creativity. This all stems back to grade school when my peers brought in great art projects and mine were simply letters traced in glitter glue. This envy continued into my adulthood – not because my work still consists of different shades of glitter glue – but because creative people have really cool jobs. People who have high creativity skills can turn something they love, and have an innate ability for, into a career, a career that’s usually a lot of fun. What are some of these fields? Thanks to Art Bistro and Brazen here’s my top ten list of creative jobs with salaries over $50,000.

  1. Makeup Artist
    Average Salary: $60,000
    We all know how much fun it is getting ready for a night out on the town. Turn this hobby into a career by doing makeup for others. Your creativity will run wild as you explore which colors, tones, tints, etc. work best on your canvas – your client’s face!
  1. Game Designer
    Average Salary: $71,910
    Whether it’s video games, PC games, mobile games, or others, this is an area that will not be dying out anytime soon. Designers implement all aspects of the game from start to finish. They come up with the concept, the rules of play, and how to win. Basically, game designers actually get to make their own rules. How cool is that?
  1. Fashion Designer
    Average Salary: $61,160
    Want to be the mastermind behind appropriate clothing for a job interview? You can be! Fashion designers get to envision the type of clothing they’d like to wear or what they think is appropriate for certain situations, and bring life to it. A simple sketch turns into clothing that people all over the world have a chance to wear.
  1. Film Editor
    Average Salary: $70,000
    Has someone ever told you a story that bored you so much you wanted to retell it yourself? As a film editor, you’ll get to do this as your career. You add the finesse to the movies, which turns the movie into a cohesive whole.
  1. Architect
    Average Salary: $70,320
    Be the real Ted Mosby (hopefully without all the love drama) and go into the world of architecture. Witness floor plans that you created not only come to life, but also bring life to the neighborhood they’re being built in.
  1. Sound Engineer
    Average Salary: $58,000
    Pitch perfect isn’t simply the name of a great movie; it’s the reason sound engineers exist. These people work with the technical aspects of sound to ensure that the final product is at its best.
  1. Multimedia Artists and Animators
    Average Salary: $79,000
    The beauty of this career is not only that you can be the creator of the next Mickey Mouse, but you can also work in various fields such as advertising, motion picture, video, or computers – basically anything that needs animation. As technology increases, the demand for multimedia artists and animators will increase as well due to the need of computer graphics, special effects in television and film, realistic video and computer games, and more.
  1. Art Professor
    Average Salary: $77,000
    Despite my being scarred for life from my grade school art teacher, I urge you that becoming an art professor is a great profession! Art professors not only teach art classes themselves, but also can include music, dance, theater, etc. Plus, you’ll get to spread your love of the arts to undergraduates.
  1. Graphic Designer
    Average Salary: $52,000
    In the words of Valerie Atkisson of ArtBistro, graphic designers “plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communications problems.” Graphic designers are arguably the largest and most well known creative field. People who work in this field are able to use their talents in multiple career paths such as website development, designing advertisements, creating the next emoji, and more. This field will be going nowhere anytime soon, and is a great area to get into.
  1. Interior Designer
    Average Salary: $56,000
    America seems to have a recent obsession with shows such as House Hunters and Flip or Flop. Creating a beautiful interior from something that was run down or plain is simply intriguing. Not only will you get to choose the best colors and patterns that fit the house, you can even get crafty by turning old milk boxes into great storage space.

Working doesn’t have to be boring. If you were given the gift of creativity, utilize it into your career. Bring beauty into the lives of others whether it be through makeup, home furnishings, movies, music, films, or more. Not only are these fields fun career options, but they also pay. What more could you want?


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