Top 15 Career Options For Computer Science Majors


Computer science has not only become a popular major, but is also a major that leads to jobs that pay. On Ploymint’s list of nine careers that pay well, five of them are based off a computer-science major. Technology isn’t going anywhere; those with a computer-science background are going to be in high demand for years to come. What specific jobs can this major lead to? Here are the top 15 career options for computer-science majors.

  1. Web Designer
    Average Salary: $58,000
    With companies both big and small having their own websites, web designers are in demand by an array of companies. Within this position, you’ll be in charge of building, fixing, maintaining, or redesigning websites.
  1. Internet Marketing
    Average salary: $67,000
    As technology evolves, this position will evolve as well. Currently, Internet marketing ranges from SEO (search-engine optimization) to utilizing advertising space online.
  1. Application Software Developers
    Average Salary: $96,260
    Everything nowadays seems to have an app, and more companies are going to hop on this bandwagon. Application software developers create, fix, maintain, modify, and test apps for mobile or computer technology. In this position, knowledge of today’s common programming languages used in apps can give you an advantage.
  1. Computer Hardware Engineers
    Average Salary: $106,390
    Hardware is the key word here. In this position you get to design and research all computer hardware ranging from desktops to slate servers in order to see how to make them work more efficiently, faster, and in sync with software being built.
  1. Computer and Information Systems Managers
    Average Salary: $132,570
    It’s the responsibility of IT managers to fit the goals of the company around the technology to complete these tasks; this includes all coordination, planning, execution, logistics, and more.
  1. Systems Analyst
    Average Salary: $63,976
    As a systems analyst, you will be dissecting all computer systems and procedures used by your organization and figure out ways for improvement to make things more efficient.
  1. Database Analyst
    Average Salary: $58,244
    Not only will you be in charge of all data needs for users and innovating data resources to maintain all of this information securely, but you are also responsible for taking care of any technical problems that may arise.
  1. Computer Programmer
    Average Salary: $80,930
    If you’re interested in how computers are able to do everything they do, this is the job for you. In this position, you’ll use various computer programming languages such as Java to write, test, and develop programs.
  1. Network Systems Administrator
    Average Salary: $75,790
    Prevent network disasters before they occur by checking in on all web functions to ensure perfect performance, as well as installing and maintaining your organization’s network systems. Additionally, you will be responsible for backing up all data and other disaster-recovery functions.
  1. Software Quality Assurance (QA) Tester
    Average Salary: $83,410
    Ensure that all software is working correctly, efficiently, and up to date in this position. Additionally, you are responsible for testing different ways to find software malfunctions and reviewing software in order to moderate risks.
  1. E-commerce Analyst
    Average Salary: $51,123
    Online shopping is only becoming more and more popular, making e-commerce analysts vital. In this position you’ll be utilizing web analytics in order to analyze customer data to find trends and create profiles used in demographic targeting.
  1. Wireless Engineer
    Average Salary: $85,500
    Let’s face it millennials, we judge places when they don’t have Wi-Fi or their wireless connection isn’t working. You can be the one in charge of this issue by becoming a wireless engineer and implementing new network infrastructure, finding improvements, monitoring performance, and running network tests.
  1. Network Security Administrator
    Average Salary: $62,185
    With privacy issues on the rise as huge organizations like Target and Home Depot have been hacked in the recent past, this position is vital. As the name says, you’ll be in charge of security – determining potential risks, monitoring disaster recovery plans, ensuring both software and hardware are up to date, and implementing all security plans.
  1. Information Security Analysts
    Average Salary: $71,131
    To further discuss this importance of privacy, information security analysts create new ways to protect information from security breaches such as cyber attacks and hacking. Additionally, they are responsible for anticipating problems and staying up to date in order to prevent issues before they’re even able to occur.
  1. Technical Support Specialist
    Average Salary: $45,266
    Not everyone is tech savvy, and you can step in and be the one who saves the day. In this position, you will be the go-to person to help non-IT users use their technology, including any systems the organization may use.

These 15 career options for computer science majors are fantastic choices to look into. Keep in mind that as technology continues to evolve, more jobs requiring a background in computer science will arise. If you are interested in technology, computer science is a great college major to pursue. To make yourself stand out even more, learn these ten technical skills that it pays to have.


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