Top 15 Career Options For Business Majors


As a business major there are so many options to choose from when considering your potential career. A business student has the option to concentrate on a variety of industries including finance, accounting, business management, legal studies, marketing, communications, media, and those are just to name a few.

While the flexibility is certainly a plus, it also makes deciding what path to go on a little more tricky. You want to chose a career that you can love, but also one that is going to be stable financially and have a component of upward mobility.

Here are the top 15 career options for business majors.

    1. Support Services

If you like managing the office and helping the other departments complete and document their work, then support services might be for you. You help the other departments with organizational tasks and manage the data within a database.

    1. Sales Representative

This work title encompasses two very different sort of jobs. In retail, a sales rep job might be an entry level position on the sales floor, however as you advance in your career being a sales representative typically means traveling to the client, forming relationships with other businesses, and attending conventions all while trying to meet quota, or minimum sales requirements.

    1. Financial Analyst

If you understand business trends and how they relate to raw numbers, maybe you should look into being a financial analyst. You will analyze data and present action to leaders within an organization to remedy the issue or improve the business.

    1. Auditor

Are you the kind of person who hates to see people cheat? If so, being an auditor might be right up your alley. You review the finances of a company to see if they are complying with federal and state law, as well as giving an organization advice on their accounting practices.

    1. Certified Public Accountant

Staying in the finance/accounting realm, we have the Certified Public Accountant or CPA. You are the person who is in charge of a company’s tax filing and finances. You act as a defender against illegal accounting practices and potential audits. You evaluate things like revenue and liability.  

    1. General Manager

A general manager is a person who oversees daily operations. You may work in the food or hospitality industries, and must have the capacity to work well with people and understand how to motivate a productive team. Your job is more on the ground and you will have to resolve problems and issues quickly.

    1. Account Executive

Many corporations need account executives. You are the one who works with a client, and ensures that the product or service they are purchasing is meeting their needs. You’ll need a mix of both a sales and customer service skills.

    1. IT Business Analyst

If you’re the person that everyone goes to to fix their computer, then the IT Business Analyst role might be for you. You evaluate network systems and try to improve business operations when it comes to technology.

    1. Project Manager

Project managers are the one’s who oversee a specific project and make sure that it runs smoothly, stays up to regulation, and fits within a determined time restraint. You must solve problems as soon as they arise and identify any issues within the operational work chain.

    1. Media Supervisor

You’re the person who interfaces with the media. You’re responsible for facilitating the connection between your company and the media on every front including digital, print, and television and will be responsible for writing media advisories and press releases.

    1. Communications Specialist

If you’re good with words this is the job for you. You help the marketing team create a powerful narrative for your product or service.

    1. Marketing Manager

You create the image that the public sees. Through planned initiatives you will raise the awareness of a product or service, and create a plan behind the type of branding that you are trying to achieve.

    1. Business Development Manager

Many businesses have multiple revenue streams and business development managers are always looking for the next opportunity. You will do research in different industries and markets and try to determine where your company should go and what initiatives are worth investing into.

    1. Human Resources Manager

This job requires people skills. You develop employee benefit packages, resolve disputes among employees, and maintain a high level of employee satisfaction. You will also be in charge of headhunting, or finding new talent, and on-boarding new employees.

    1. Chief Executive Officer

Most people can’t be a CEO right out college, but in today’s atmosphere that’s dominated by online business, being a CEO of your own venture has never been so easy. If you have a good idea like a new phone app, developing and launching it may be within your reach.


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