10 Best Apps and Podcasts For Uber Drivers


Uber has revamped the way we travel around the world, and the way millennials get jobs. It’s becoming more popular to drive for Uber, especially with the ease of applying and the process to get hired. It’s a job that’s very high in demand, and if you’re looking to make some cash, it could be a great fit. Whether you are one of the many millennials who are already working for the company or you are considering joining the team in the future,  these 10 best apps and podcasts for Uber drivers are for you.


Uber Partner

You actually cannot be an Uber driver without downloading this app. It’s what you use to find passengers, know what fares are, follow a route, and anything else an Uber driver may need.


This app defines itself as the “#1 support platform for on-demand workers.” It allows drivers to track miles, manage earnings, have support and a sense of community, gives nearby information and even includes a real-time heat map.


You most definitely don’t need to be a rideshare driver to use Waze – I should know, I use it all the time. The beauty of Waze is it gives the best route and real-time information such as if someone is stuck on the shoulder, how long you’ll be in traffic, or if there’s a cop present.


Created for Uber employees by a former Uber driver, this app essentially gives your car a phone number. Through this app, ride-share drivers can communicate with each other while driving about opportunities to pick up passengers, road conditions, and more.

Uber App

What better way to know your clients and potential clients than by using the same app they’re using? Downloading the basic Uber app and playing around on it may help you get a better sense of your surroundings, where potential passengers are, and more.


Cars require gas, of course. GasBuddy is an app that gives you the latest prices of gas in your area. It allows you to compare the results. Plus, it shows you gas places near you – perfect for when you’re driving out of your usual neighborhood.


The RideShare Guy

The name is self-explanatory, I know, but it’s so perfect, it’s worth explaining. It’s an entire community for rideshare drivers. These shows cover topics that vary from personal stories and experiences to “what did we learn about rideshare in 2015?”, to discussions on driver referrals.

The Uber Driver Log

This podcasts gives you an inside look at what it’s really like to be an Uber driver, and how to make a lot of money doing so. The shows are full of tips and tricks that are meant to help you flourish in your career.


On its website, Uber has partner podcasts. These cover a plethora of topics, including ones chosen by the listeners themselves. The latest episode discusses ratings, advice for the “perfect pickup,” and the dynamic pricing model of Uber.

Drivers Talk Radio Podcast 

Despite this podcast not being specifically for ride-share drivers as it pertains to driving in general, it is relevant. This podcast is hosted by Rick Titus, an automotive expert, who discusses hot trends in the industry, local events that are happening, and has interviews with experts in the field. He is said to even discuss the most “controversial automotive topics.” If you’re a rideshare driver genuinely interested in the automotive industry, this is for you.


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