The 10 Annoying Coworkers That Exist Everywhere


Annoying coworkers. There’s a good chance that phrase triggered thoughts about a couple of people at your current workplace. Check out this list of 10 annoying coworkers that exist at every workplace and you’ll be able to define – and defend against – your coworker’s particular breed of annoying.

1. The Know-It-All

This person thinks she knows everything, which makes her a nightmare to work with on a team. The know-it-all has a need to display her knowledge by offering unsolicited suggestions to everyone at the office. The best way to deal with this type of annoying coworker is to tune her out. Pretend you’re listening to her suggestions, and then “yes” her to death until she’s out of your hair.

2. The Sniper

You have to be careful what you say around the sniper. He or she is always listening for information to be used in an effort to subvert his or her coworkers. The sniper likes to pretend to be your friend in order to get you talking freely. The best way to deal with this type of coworker is to never indulge in office gossip. It can only get you into trouble.

3. The Oversharer

If you believe in millennial stereotypes, then this annoying coworker tends to be the younger person in the office who has no shame in discussing his personal life in a professional setting. Don’t feed into this stereotype. Steer away from all non-professional conversations whilst on the clock.

4. The Funny Guy/Girl

We aren’t saying an office should be a humorless vacuum. With that being said, the funny person is the coworker who will go to any length for a laugh. If you find yourself offended by a joke, then tell the person who told the joke why you were offended. It might be an awkward conversation, but it will improve your work relationship in the long run.

5. The Political Analyst

This coworker shows her colors every four years. This is the coworker who obsesses over the presidential debates and talks about her political opinion to anyone who will listen. Avoid getting into a debate with the political analyst by expressing your uninterest in politics.

6. The Suck-Up

This coworker spends most of his time wiggling their way into management’s good graces. Treat the Suck-Up like the Sniper and steer clear of any critique of management.

7. The Best-Friend Boss

Beware the Best-Friend Boss. The Best-Friend Boss is annoying because how they treat you is dependent on whether their boss is in the office. Check out our article on whether or not you should be friends with your boss for more advice on this subject.

8. The Complainer

This is the coworker who hates her job, spouse, and life in general. The complainer’s negativity can be contagious. Keep the direction of the conversation positive if you’re forced to interact with this type of annoying coworker.

9. The Micromanager

The micromanager is the most difficult type of annoying coworker. This is because you usually have no choice but to do every little thing asked of you. The best way to deal with a micromanager is to keep your focus on your work. A micromanager has no ammunition if you don’t make any mistakes.

10. The Health Guru

The final coworker on this list of 10 annoying coworkers is the health guru. This is the person who judges you as you stuff your face on lunch break with $1 slices from the pizza joint next to the office. The health guru is always involved in the latest health movement and is always on the lookout for converts. With that being said, one of the reasons the health guru is so annoying is because he usually has a valid critique of our health habits. The best way to relieve this annoyance is to eat healthy at the office, or to eat your pizza away from the health guru’s prying eyes.

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